Feeling loved all week, unfortunately, im suffocating in the workload. which is the reason why im up at this ungodly hr…

Received some love 2 nights ago while i was doing duties at singfest.

Here’s what in the lovely package! LOVE! Hee. Love this because its so pretty! Its a keychain but i have half the mind of wearing this as a pendant instead!

And here’s a picture of the mysterious gifter.

Cannot tell who he is right?! I took this when we were having ah chew’s desserts last night.

Totally heart the mango pomelo with the big chunks of sweet mango pieces. Reminds me of xu liu san in hk.

Well, not forgetting the 2 key mastermind for last night dinner, who, without any complain, waited for me to clear my work from 6pm till we finally left the office at 840pm. They even made reservations at a restaurant which they cancelled twice and eventually didnt turb up for cos it was simply too late and too close to their last order.

We went for steamboat again!

Thank you both for the wonderful dinner and fun night and bringing me joy amid my miseries. Let’s do this agaib for the next 2 weeks for your birthdays!

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