Close friends would know that you could hardly spot me in a light colored nail polish because my skin colour doesn’t quite complement it.

Last night I tried it again. I bought this bottle of opi during my last opi buying stint (from the states) and decided to get it cos it was very cheap and I guessed it looked okie after all!

But seriously, light colours are so much harder to paint than dark colours because the unevenness of the colours will show!

My toes in my nine west gladiators.

My fingernails with glitter french tips.

The fingernails were a little screwed cos I fell asleep before they dried completely last night so you could see some imprints of my bed sheet. Argh. Though they can be easily be fixed with a top coat, I just had to endure with them for today cos I have no time to paint the top coats in the mornings.

By the way, are you happy?! It’s Fridays!!!!

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