Jerry certainty can self-amuse these days and play for extended period of time by himself.

Mighty pleased that my purchase of Lion in the Park activity gym by bright stars that I bought in the states is being put to good use (gotta thank my aunt for lugging it back for me!!).

But then again, I hung his Lamaze Sir Prance-a-lot on it and he jabs happily at it and attempts to pull it apart by tugging at its legs. Guess it’s gonna be his favorite toy for a while, which is good cos mama loves it too! Haha.

Am gonna try and do some daily updates with a single picture each day about Jerry, because he is growing way too fast for me! hopefully the lj app for iPhone cooperates! The older version kept crashing on me.. The current version seems faster and more responsive!

Meanwhile, mama is home alone with baby today. My mum and my aunt headed out to Chinatown. Decided to stay home because the heat is oh so unbearable. Staying home sweat-free is so much more pleasant. I have been taking cold shower daily and I think I hit a high record of 4 cold showers in a day yesterday!

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