Don’t you love it when you do a small act and attain happiness when you send happiness in someone’s way?

Sent out a bouquet of flowers last week to cheer kristy up on her birthday!

It was drama to send these flowers because I have NO CLUE what her address was, so I based it on guesswork and had the florist call up to double confirm before the delivery. Of cos, the address was so wrong (one street away) but the flowers got to her still, and made her a very happy girl!

She told der – if I didn’t receive any flowers today, I can’t sleep and would go buy some myself!

So funny! At the same time, my dear boy wasn’t forgotten! He got a microsim card from me for his iPad. Small simple gestures but I made 2 person smile.. And of cos myself!

Happiness begets happiness! Spread the love!

Now, would you also send me a bouquet after reading this? Haha, am joking!!

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