tried updating the journal in the cab ride home earlier and all i got was error messages. :/

i did something i never thought i would – paying for a paid LJ account.

and i took the opportunity to change my layout, but i still haven’t figured out how to change it to the way i want it to look. but for now, looking at the time and the fact that i need to start working at 7 friggin’ am in the morning, i am satisfied.

happy things. i started my reading hobby again. finally found some time to do theurapeutic reading. there are so many new books waiting to be read, but i just didn’t manage to find the time. maybe the lack of that have also caused the stress levels to surge.

alright. guess i’ll head to bed with my book and try to sleep early so i wont be late tomorrow.

everyone, please pray i can wake at 6am tomorrow to get ready. for now.. oyasumnasai!

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