I’m lying on my bed, staring at my computer and monitor. The computer crashed this afternoon.

Why did it crash? Cos i asked my uncle to help me solve the issue about installing my 400gb hard disk. Apparently, he faces the same issues i did, and decided to update e bios. That killed my computer, cos it couldn’t boot after that.

The funniest thing is.. I was talking to my aunt when my uncle was telling me that he is already installing the update, and it MAY NOT work.

-_-” My reaction? Har!! And you are telling me that only after halfway through installation?

Oh well, just before i left the house for the baby shower.. It died. =(

I cannot live without a computer, so i tasked my uncle to go buy me a new motherboard while i’m at the run. And so, it’s now taking hours to load all the drivers and resolve the conflict of the drivers on my old boot drive.

Reboot and reboot, screw and unscrew. Swapping the 5 hard disks around so that i can organise my files better with the newly installed 400gb. I don’t have enough power connector for my hard disks. Grr..

Technical woes.

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