shit. just when i answered the first phone call for the day, i realised that i lost my voice. hardly any croak came out.

argh. i need water. and pills. i hope it gets better.

i just vent my frustration on the deputy chairman. it quite wrong of me, but i think i really dont give a damn abt the job anymore. besides, they didnt really give clear instructions on what they want. or maybe they thought i should know my stuff. but but, i am not a designer and i dont work well then u give me couple of hours notice. u got a better deal that you paid for.

every other jobscope that doesnt fall into accounting, purchasing, production and logistics all falls on my shoulders. how can i even manage with so many stuffs to handle? website, catalogues/brochures/leaflets/posters design & print, customers feedback, promotions, corporate accounts & partners, operations and so many more.

i am not a super women and dont expect me to be happy working when i am working my ass off and every one of my colleagues are chatting away loudly!

now, im desperately looking for a job to switch. shucks.

i am getting so sore.