i couldnt get wei on the line last night. and when i finally got him, he told me he’s at the hospital and will call me back.

the call didnt come till late at night. his father is in hospital. 🙁

last week, i met his dad when wei went to give him his letters and take something from him. i got a shock. i’m not sure if wei did. he didnt show it even if he has gotten a shock. his dad was so skinny! the last time i saw him, he’s still quite plump and stout. and i couldnt help but stare at him throughout the whole meeting.

and before we parted, i awkwardly ask his dad why he has grown so skinny (awkwardly cos i hardly see his dad since he doesnt live with wei, and hadnt had much conversation with him). he looks haggard even. loose skin draping over his used-to-be-radiant face. i think i didnt deliver my question smoothly, but it bothered me so much that i had to ask. he told me he was sick. when i enquired further abt the illness, he didnt seemed too comfortable telling me about it, so i left it as it is.. and told him to take care.

i was staring at wei afterwards. he acted nonchalant abt the whole meeting and didnt ask his dad a thing. and when i kept bugging him abt the issue later, he told me.. his dad should be fine la. maybe on a diet or something. i didnt believe it, but didnt push it since i wasnt part of the family and shouldnt interfere with their affairs..

and now, i am sad. im scared even. i hope he’ll be fine. wei says he doesnt know what’s wrong cos there wasnt a doctor to talk to last night, and the nurses merely told him to wait for the report for the answer. the report will be out today. think its abt the liver.

and i made wei promise me to be nicer to his dad, despite all the unhappiness that happened in the past. i dont know if wei know this.. after 6 years of observation, wei is indeed the apple of his dad’s eyes. knowing wei, he’s the kind that will put up a strong font and a straight face, even if the sky is to fall. i just hope he learns to be a little more expressive these days.. at least to his sick dad.