a tribute to the silly me, i’ve decided to post more silly things i that i did last nite.

upon realising that my hp is not working, i changed my msn nick. it read: cherie in sucking mood (my hp is spoilt!!)

yes. a total unexpected blunder of my part if u realise what u are reading. in the midst of my fury and angst i actually typed sucking instead of sucky. the best part was i didnt realise it until a naughty male friend of mine send me a msg on msn in the wee hours of the night.

fren: eh, your nick hor..
me: what?
fren: next time u in sucking mood tell me lar. i live very near u. you dont have to put in on msn to let the whole world know
me: -gasp- (quickly went to change my nick)
fren: lol

oOops! what an embarassing blunder. but im glad that it made someone laugh and cheered him up cos he was feeling really down.