ok. at least i am not the last to post about it and it has the photos that everyone wants to see!

the birthday party of simon at st. james power house.

some funny snippets of the night.

me: hey simon, the guy behind you looks like xiaoqiang!
simon: it IS xiaoqiang!
me: really?!
simon: my friends are also ur friends! remember?!

during the day, i was talking to bran on msn and we have talked about meeting in st. james cos i had a party and he’s going with his frens. and so, when he msged me and asked me where i was while i was busy roaming around and checking out the different rooms, i told him where i’ll be later and say, we’ll meet later.

and so, when i got back to the table where i left my bag… i found bran standing there!

me: hey! how u know i was seated here?!
bran: i dunno! my friends are here!
me: ur fren? who is your fren?
bran: simon!
me: huh?! u are simon’s fren?! shit, we are here for the same person!


that’s some night, isn’t it? plus the fact that i bumped into raf, stef and many others at st. james. it’s like.. all my friends are THERE!

i didn’t drink much (prolly half a mug of beer) cos i was coughing really badly and left with bran when simon looks a little woozy and is lying down and staring at his mobile. and so, how can the cam whore (that’s me!) spend the night without pictures?!

p/s: please pardon some of my terrible pictures, my cammie is dying and the picture quality/color sucks!

the last 14 pics are from tiffanyx

in case if you are wondering if i have turned lesbian and kissing wwenzz like that, it’s really all about an angle issue. 🙂

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