the husband is serving his reservist currently for 2 weeks. with a relatively new born in the house and an (super hyper) active toddler in the house, you can say I’m in pretty bad shape.


sleep deprived nights. one week down, another one to go. the nights are the toughest because I have zero help at all, on top of the moo moo chores and all that bottles washing and sterilizing shit, I think I am on the brink of falling sick.


but before I did.. jerry caught a bug and is pretty much very sick the entire day. he missed his afternoon nap today because his nose was pretty irritable and he couldn’t sleep properly.


the night is worse. literally whining from discomfort and fatigue, and he cries non stop. I haven’t seen him this sick in a long while.

I just had to separate the 2 kiddos in the house to prevent the germies from spreading. Jerry in the room and Jerome in the living room and I’ll be shuttling between the 2 to check on them and feed Jerome when he cries for milk or poops and requires a diaper change.

gonna be a long night tonight. come morning, I’ll be packing the big kid off to the doc by myself and I hope he’ll be well soon!


I pray for strength to let me get past next week. single parenting is tough!