this week has been a madness, and i just cant get enough of sleep like i have been put on a sleeping spell. i cant seemed to concentrate much either. so today, after a 10 hr snooze, i’m getting a little of my sanity back.

the trip to kl has left me much insights and gave me a chance to check out the regional marketing advertising efforts. wow. i was so blown away by their ads. even tho i have only seen each ad once, the recall rate is extremely high and they left me such an impression.

it was an extremely tiring trip. i slept on the plane. on the one hr journey to the hotel. fought the zee monster throughout the 1.5day conference, partied with colleagues at cynna (at this happening street right beside sheraton imperial which happened to be the hotel i was staying), had interesting fusion food at maju palace and slept my way back to sing.

it’s such a drag knowing that u reach home at near midnight after the tiring trip and yet, you gotta report to work the next morning.

the most eventful thing that happened was me tumbling down a flight of marble flooring stairs. i was in a daze when i missed a step, slipped, my heels got caught and i tumbled. in the midst of it all, i was trying to grab onto something, to break the fall and i could hear my knees going “thud” “thud” down the stairs.

i eventually stopped when my colleague turned and saw me tumbling and grabbed me just before the i hit the ground. ouch! i couldnt stand at the very instance, tears brimmed my eyes, and a whole crowd of people came fussing at me. the hotel manager was so worried that he kept asking me to go to the clinic. and now, my 2 knees are busted with bruises all over, my toe nails are all chipped, my calf bone (is this the correct term?) hurts, and i think i should visit my orthopaedic soon cos the impact very much landed on my right knee (the same one that was operated on 8 months ago) on the way down the stairs. for the rest of the day, i have slight pain while trying to walk and omg, it’s SO EMBARRASSING!

i mean.. a lot of people saw me tumbling down! 😐

ok, i hungry now and it’s time to hunt for some food and get some work done. i hate to work on saturdays but with the year end coming AND the impending dnd, i think my hands are pretty much tied.

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