i had fun tonight. dinner dates are always fun in my dictionary.

i talked the most. complained the most. whined the most. laughed the most. and crapped the most.

it’s good seeing old friends. reminiscing abt our pasts. the events that bonded us. the laughter we had many years back.

jobs have changed. status are changing too. looks and dress senses have changed, but the core remains the same. it great how memories bond people together, no matter how long you havent seen each other.

am tired. i promised myself that i will send out resumes tonight. so, shall do up the piccies i took earlier tomorrow night, if i have the time.

am a little upset that i do not have anymore energy to work on project ding dong. and oh, that’s been dragging so long.


on a happier note, my mobile is back! so are all my contacts! i feel so lost without my phone book. and when i got back the phone earlier, it looks and works completely different! almost forgot how to use it in its original settings. and feels lost when it showed no contacts. so, restored everything the moment i came home. cool! it saved all my settings, my quick keys, my wallpaper and my ring tones!!

im so fascinated!

[yeah yeah, you may laugh. i am “gu”, i know.]