i was reading piggy_pat79‘s entry abt the sweet surprise her husband gave her last nite..

and i was reminded of the smile i wore this morning when the moment i woke. *grinning away*

i headed to bed real early yesterday. really unlike me, but i konked out even before the clock striked 12am. and i remember calling wei up and telling him im heading to bed in a semi conscious state. he was still telling me it’s REALLY UNLIKE me to sleep that early. nevertheless, he said good nite and told me to go sleep (prob. can sense that he’s losing my attention!).

this morning, i saw an sms he sent last night at 1.35am (obviously knowing that im in dreamland!) saying good nite (again!?!), told me to have sweet dreams and that he’s joining me in dreamland.

*feeling blissful*

simple things like that makes me happy. told you i’m a simple girl.

i feel revived. today would be a great day.