9.30pm last night. Was still in the meeting room with papers and numbers spread out in front. A fever raging within my body.

Popped a panadol and an angel came along with piping hot horfan for all, dunkin donuts and my favourite green tea for me. Hee.

Konked out the moment i got home. The viruses floating around in the office is terrible. Every department have got at least one or two sick person. My team too.

What better timing could it be when there are tonnes of work to be firmed up with impending deadlines. Thankfully my fever’s gone today. I hope it doesn’t come back to haunt me later.

Going to be super late for work. Need to rush loads of work today. Although it’s friday, i’m no where near the weekend mode. I wished i had more time during the week to do more work.. And i have to hit the stores this weekend. Can the weekend not come so soon? I can’t meet my deadlines!

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