*pant pant*

i was so knackered when i got home earlier. eyes were on the verge of closing, plopped in bed ready to drift into dreamland. just before i met the sandman, i called sweetie up and asked if we were heading out.

turns out, he is still in the office. poor boy. doesnt mean that im any better. i am so over-loaded with work too but i seriously bo-chup cos the work can wait (cos the co’s not mine and its not exactly extremely urgent work) and im in serious holidaying mood with the whole office (less the boss) are gossiping abt the gifts we found on the table, checking out each other’s gifts, writing cards (that’s me), having long lunches, and cutting up the log cake for tea. Yums! besides, with a kid fussing over me at almost every other moment, i really cant concentrate.

ok. im digressing. the thing is, i was lying comfortably in bed and determined to grab some winks. and i remembered myself lamenting at how fat i was and not having enough time for exercise. told sweetie abt my intention to go for a run. he said i should cos im getting fat. secs later, he changed his mind. i think i was sounding really sleepy, he told me to sleep cos that’s what he’ll do.

that did it. all the more i should get my butt working. i dragged myself outta bed, changed into my fav fbt shorts and headed out.

and while i thought i did 2.5km, gor came home and announced that i actually did only 2km. 🙁 i should suggest to the town council that they should do distance markers in the jogging park, so at least i can accurately know the distance i ran.

12.46mins. 2km.

i couldnt run anymore cos i was getting this really sharp pain in my right chest. every breath i took puntuated the pain. a pain that im quite familiar with, but not idea what’s causing it. reckon i shouldnt push myself too hard after stopping exercise for a while now and broke into a brisk walk for the next 800m.

back at my blk, i conveniently forgot to climb up the stairs and took the lift. urgh. did 150 step ups at the stairs before coming into the house, with legs feeling like jelly and sweat raining from my face.

another round of crunch ups before i allowed myself to rest. now, i am so alert. ahh.. the wonders of exercise.

i actually went to check my secondary report book for my old timings. urgh. 11+ mins. an extremely far cry especially when i used to pull the stunt of running 4 rounds and then brisk walking the rest of the 2 rounds. the stamina’s taken a huge dip over the years. i really have to admit, i’m getting old and LAZY.