i know it’s quite an overload of pictures for all the entries today, but i happened to be free to sort them all out and make them into collages, so that my future entries will have the updated collages in line with the entries.

my long weekend flew past really quickly. it certainly didnt feel long at all! one of my cousins got married on vesak day and im truly happy for them! my brother told me they have a room dedicated in their love nest for mahjong! woo hoo! i think we are heading there very often in the future! 🙂

the wedding’s at grand shanghai. i love the theme, very rusty feel with singers dressed in cheongsams crooning theresa’s songs and some other oldies. the seating arrangement is unique, reminding me of the topless shows in vegas that i saw. 😛

the only down side is.. the food is not fantastic at all, and it’s the first time that i leave from a wedding dinner feeling like i can still eat a buffalo. the chit chats and catching up with the cousins and other relatives is refreshing for me (i dont really see them much!). snapped lotsa pictures but waiting for the rest of the cousins to send them to me.

ended the night with a drunk brother, and mahjong session with 2 very high people at my cousin’s hse that’s 2 blocks away. and i lost money! urgh! are people who are down really down with their luck in gambling as well? i hardly lose at mahjong and i actually lost money on top of the 30 bucks i won at the beginning of the game. :/

oh well. what comes around goes around, right? on the positive side, must lose money so that i can win more later. haha.

headed for physio sesh on sat morning. havent seen my therapist in 3 weeks due to polling day (public hol), his off day and me, not waking up in time. and so, he mentioned that my knee flexion is good (i can bend my knee fully already), but the hamstrings are still quite tight. and that’s causing me pain here and there.

and i guess i am kind to agree to a date with wei on sat evening even though i was angry with him. it’s also because i had to return his car that i have been driving since thursay night. he was very accommodating the entire night and even decided to forgo his family dinner when i said i am not in the mood to entertain his family. all i wanted was a quiet night that day because i havent gotten over what happened the day before.

we had dinner at crystal jade and watched poseidon. wah. extremely exciting and engaging. my kind of movie you know. sunday just whisked by after lunch with wei and an afternoon nap. brought my mum out for dinner cos it’s mother’s day and the whole time after? all those collages that u see are done in the last 6 hrs.

gosh. it’s 1+ already! time to head for bed!

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