other things makes me a happy girl too..

like how my locally-grown tomato plants are sprouting fast and tall.. and they are now all taller than me!

I just planted the seeds from ONE tomato and my corridor is filled with them now, all taller than i am, needing much support to hold them up.

they are fruiting!

funny how there are like dozens and dozens of flowers blooming, but only ONE became a fruit thus far. wonders if the soil has enough nutrition.

my hk tomato plant is growing well too! Though not as tall, it has grown into a sturdy bush, and the tomatoes are popping out too.

note the big difference in the leaves and the shape of the tomatoes? I am looking forward to the day where i no longer have to buy cherry tomatoes and can pluck them off my corridor when i feel like eating them, or to make salad.

ahhh.. savings!

I think i want to go buy that plum tomatoes that taste really good from cold storage and try growing them. gosh, think i sound like an auntie now.

think of farmville or barn buddy in real life. that’s quite a game huh? 🙂

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