just back from sending the folks to the airport. everyone is on their way to korea and i’ll be stuck back here, facing a very critical week before a new campaigns rolls out early next week.

i’m not feeling entirely happy with my life at the moment, and i am wondering if it’s mid crisis hitting me. i just feel wrong all the time.

was chatting to one of my counterparts at work yesterday at the photo shoot.. i was always on the verge of tears, spitting out my work grouse with a hint of anger and mixed feelings of being sad and disappointed. i guess i am pretty much resigned to my fate.

maybe my outgoing personality does help me to survive on the job much better than the lady before me, but a fighter needs energy to keep moving forward.

after so much struggles, i am not sure if i still want to be the fighter.

really need to put some serious thoughts on this matter.


with a peaceful house, being home alone and the boy in NY, i have decided to set some goals to achieve and take the time to rediscover myself.

in my home IT news, my old hard disk that was plagued with virus and missing system files has been condemned because there is no way i could reinstall XP on it. there are some stupid issues which my uncle is also baffled at. so, i have decided on the easy way out – a new hard disk!

so, i just managed to install another 400gb hdd into my computer and i am very satisfied with the almost 1000gb space available on my PC. so i am going to spend the next couple of hours reinstalling all my stuff and scanning the rest of my hard disks to clear out that stupid virus that caused me much distress! hooray to the computer being up and running again!

now, to the to-do list:
1. settle the computer (install programs + add memory + backup old hard disk + clean up computer area)
2. update my resume and give some thoughts to where i should be moving forward to
3. do a mini clean up of the room
4. sort out my stash of bags and maybe do a mini-sale (i know i have been thinking of that idea for the lOOoooOOOOOooooongest time. believe me, i really WANT to do it!)
5. sort out my feelings and learn to be more positive.

now, i’m sure i’ll have a great sunday! i hope everyone else does too!

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