i turned up at work with a pink boat-neck sweater (3/4 sleeve) and a grey pencil skirt. andy came up to me and asked me what’s wrong. have i joined the aunties’ gang?


Errrm. i just wanted to fend off the cold in the office and it can be quite a hassle to keep wearing/taking off my jacket. and i was just thinking to myself in the morning that i looked rather proper – typical OL look.



and today.

the new word of the century – 弟夫!!

it’s hilarious, because agnes had wanted to say 姐夫, but couldn’t find the word and blurted that out instead.

that would never happen in singapore context, because your brother could never get married to another guy. kevin & me had a good laugh over it. LOL.


ok. the end of the work day is nearing, but the headache has not subsided. instead, today had me in flashes of hot and cold, the throat is scratchy and there’s occasional dry cough. i think the body is really giving up.


and errrmm.. back to my fast-finger-send-emails mode.

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