the day was spent in siglap. an almost 12hr event for me. tiring, exhausting, fattening (i ate non stop in the restaurant) and refreshing at the same time. refreshing cos i was the hand talent and it was my first being a hand talent and getting paid for it. cheap thrill, i know. 🙂

because of the duration of the shoot, both jen and me were totally exhausted at the end of the day!

just some thoughts that i pondered about today. it never dawned on me much, but i guess siblings really do play a huge part in your life. as much as you may be 2 person of total different personalities and characters, somehow, you’ll still think like them.


or even, act like them some times. Hmm.. i never realized it before, but i thought hard about it today and thought, hey, i do see my brother in me some times. how did that happen? we were like arch enemies from young, fighting non stop and now, we hardly talk cos we don’t really bump into each other at home. and then i think, maybe all those years of growing did do something huh?

like how i see some of my friends acting like their elders sisters or brothers.. like how i think my mum totally resemble my grandma even though she’s always nagging at grandma.

upbringing. how important. Hmmm.