my eyes are closing and i’m dead tired (yet again). the hours spent on nonsensical traveling today made me extremely restless and peeved. i’m not in the mood to explain what has happened but the trip to cambodia is quite unhappy for me.

for now, i just want to update the happenings of the past week, or was it the past 2 weeks? i can’t even remember when was the last time i put in a decent entry in my cyberworld of thoughts.

Hmmm.. the retreat to JB was fun to a certain extent, and it left me a talking point in many of my colleagues’ conversation the week after. I was extremely bored initially since i don’t know most of the people that was in my group. what makes it worse was that, other than this other girl who’s from the office as well that’s in my team, everyone else is a malay. Errm, i just want to clarify that im not being a racist but i think being 2 outta a team of more than 20 people, it’s quite normal for them to speak in their mother tongue to each other and forgot us. :\ it was hard trying to fit in, not knowing them at all personally to begin with, and not knowing a single thing they say.. but guess what? at the end of everything, my team was again the champion winner. we topped in our cheers, and a night performance at night that i was so freaked out at and some other games.

wow. i was quite aghast by their determination to win and beat the other teams, NO MATTER WHAT. *sweats* i thought retreats are supposed to be fun things and a time bond with each other? thankfully, everyone in my team was quite fun-loving and we had all our laughter. the night came and there were lotsa booze. it was a memorable night with slow dancing, the ceo singing and DANCING with us, with retro music, bar top dancing, stripping the shirt off one of my colleagues cos he had tried to be cheeky with me the whole time. ok, that was what made me the “gossip” for the last week, but seriously, i didnt strip him. all i did was to pretend to lift his shirt and the next thing i know, a whole buncha person came around us and he was on the ground with his shirt off!

the night also brought some stress as my directors/senior managers/ceo betted their moolah on my pool games. i really didnt know if i should deliberately lose the game when the ceo’s money is at stake. in the end, i just ignored the bettings and played just like i would. stress ah, i tell you. me and the other colleague was like.. eh, how ah? and it was game after game after game.

i drank so much that i thought i would puke. i didn’t, which came as a surprise to me. and while i thought my colleague/room mate was fine… she puked right after she bathed, snuck under her bed covers and said good night to me. good grief. nevertheless, it was extremely memorable and bittersweet. i made a lot new friends, found some amazing abilities in some of them and learnt some interesting stuff as well.

i spent saturday lazing around and grabbing some rest before my cousins asked me to join them for blading. i went along to burn some fats, but was feeling really really down the whole time. there are some points in life that everything seems to go so wrong and makes you feel vulnerable.

almost forgetting that i had to work during the weekend, i headed back to the office on saturday night to grab some documents. the gate was locked, the security was no where to be seen. guess what i did? i CLIMBED through the gate, snuck into my office, send an email, grabbed the documents and snuck out. i feel so much like a thief ok?

ok. this is getting lengthy. gonna stop.

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