the most ridiculous thing i did today. pumped water into my nose so that i can “remove the blockage”. the feeling’s kinda terrible cos my esophagus feels so raw, my throat is scratchy and a nasty cough irritates me for the entire day.

the most annoying thing is that you have a cold with a blocked nose, but there is no way u can blow out the mucus and clear the nose. it’s not watery and you just gets stuff stuck in there. nasty gluey stuff. urk!

is there something wrong with my eyes or something? when i stepped out of the office earlier and headed home in a cab, everywhere else looks misty, like there has been some forest fire in the neighbouring countries.

work is heavy and i’m due for confirmation next week. wow. time flies and i was given a form by my manager today to be filled up.

tomorrow i’ll be on course on some internet branding thing during lunch, and a full day meeting with this supplier. i’m stoning and all ready to pop into bed. my sweet boy is popping by with cookie to give me love and nurse me back to health. so sweet, but my eyes are closing already.

good nite world. much to say but too tired. it’s been a bad week with a nasty flu that’s not going away.

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