the work hasnt been exactly smooth and the hours are crazy. i am superbly demoralised and it’s really a bad month for me. i seemed to be struggling badly.

with that, i lost the interest and the energy to pen down my thoughts. every time i get home, i just wanna flop in bed and snooze in dreamland. doesnt help that i have tonnes of readings to do. i’m lagging badly in my japanese as well. so it seems, i achieve nothing at the end of the day, except some fun that i am desperately trying to inject into my life to keep myself going.

the dinner dates are decreasing. i miss my friends. i didnt see wei for more than a week. what’s happening with my life? i feel so screwed, yet i know im much blessed than a whole lot of people out there. i hate to be complaining, but im not exactly strong in some areas. there are times when i just feel like breaking down and cry.

anyways, some quick updates before i head to bed to gear up for the intense battle at work tomorrow.

sat nite – sun:
spent the entire 24 hours throwing out a LOT of stuff in the house. now, my house looks slightly more spacious and pleasing to look at.

sun nite:
last min impromptu blading with the cousins. my brother came along with his micro scooter and it’s just so funny. i think he’s being pressured by all to get blades cos he’s quite an outcast with everyone laughing at him.

mon nite:
dropped my work and headed for jap. was extremely late, but i didnt want to miss classes 2 weeks in a row. it’s the time of the year to sign up for jlpt. omg. seeing the application form freaks me out. i feel so NOT ready.

tues – thurs nite:


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