last night at the wedding dinner.. there was an awkward moment. when i saw my dad.

i haven’t seen him for more than 1.5 years, i think. i couldn’t even remember when was the last i saw of him. funny isn’t it? someone who is supposed to be really close but yet, i didn’t even talk to for the last one year.

makes me wonder about human. and the way they behave. weird.

anyway, everyone else knew much more about my dad than me. obviously i haven’t been making my contacts and be the good child that im supposed to be. well, i was the only person from my household that turned up at the wedding.. so i suppose that is already good effort on my end?

well well. i often think about the fact that maybe, one day.. i wont even have the chance to see/talk to my dad when i want to.

but when i do see him, i really have nothing to say. at least i offered to him a ride home (wherever that may be). but obviously, he doesn’t need me. chauffeur will be waiting. a female one that is.

oh well. i just hope his health is good and life is ok for him.

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