The husband whipped out 2 tiny tic tacs today for x.silly. He has been rather gloomy in our books because of all the attention being lavished on jerry since his arrival, and he has sorta been a wee bit neglected. (pardon all the role playing between the husband and me) so, he gets a surprise!

Now, can you tell that I’m mighty jealous? The tic tacs are sooooo cute. I attempted to do an exchange with x.silly using my super big pack and he refused!

Sigh. That baby. He doesn’t know better. I have so much more sweets in the big pack.

trivia: x.silly is actually Xiao (小) silly. I’m just too lazy to type it out in full but it funny when I hear people say.. “axe-silly”. Heh.

Haven’t blogged in ages (which actually means a week but the past week has been busy!

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