chanced upon my entries 2 years ago when i was searching for x.silly birthday.

turns out, i didn’t manage to find it. i just remembered that i got him just a day before i headed off to phuket.

the entries. they sound chaotic. they are mostly depressing. and confused.

and then i look at myself now. 2 years on, i am just happy and glad that i made the choice. and i seriously feel so blissful.

yes. work sucks (when does it not?) but other than that, i think i am happy. and i look forward to each day in contentment, knowing that someone would be there to shield me, protect me and care for me.

and of cos, my ‘silly family’ to amuse me each day when i go home. who cares when everyone says and thinks they are dirty? they are not because they go for ‘regular swimming’, mandate by my mum. but they are quite worn because i hug them every single day and lug them off to whenever i go.

so yeah. i’m happy. and nothing else matters.

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