because i have been so quiet on the blogosphere of late and there are tonnes of updates that i would like to do.. i have decided to drop everything that i am doing and just blog. for 2 hours or so.

work wise, it seemed to be very stretching these days. not only on me, but my entire team. the tempers are somehow flaring more often, more arguments, more frustrated tone of voice, tired people who are in lack of sleep.. grumpy.

so i have decided to pop by the florist one fine day and got flowers to cheer some of my team mates!!

and so.. bought a bunch of gerberas and 5 roses..

5 roses for fiona (because she asked for it!) and a bright cheery gerbera for jen..

soo leng and agnes..

dee dee and kara..

and of cos my boss, juliana.. but somehow i didnt manage to get a picture of her cos she was in meeting the entire day!

i believe in good karma.. because i was nice to people.. some one was nice to me too!! i got a bright chirpy looking sunflower!!

the good get rewarded hor! i love the feeling of receiving flowers. i hope i made their day and brought some smiles. 🙂

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