I’m out of south africa for now. Boarded a plane to Zimbabwe and did a land transfer into zambia.

Victoria falls! it’s gorgeous and fabulous, and totally amazing.

shall do detailed blogging when i get back. am tapping on the free internet at the hotel’s business centre (after so many hotels that has no internet connection or expensive internet connection).

Anyway, here’s some trivia of south africa safari for general knowledge!

The Big Fives:
– Lion
– Leopard
– Rhino
– Elephant
– Buffalo

The Small Fives:
– Ant Lion
– Leopard Tortoise
– Rhinoceros Beetles
– Elephant Shrew
– Red Billed Buffalo Weaver

The Ugly Fives:
– Hyena
– Vulture
– Wildebeest
– Warthog
– Maribu Stork

I’ll be talking alot about them in the upcoming posts (if i get internet) or when I get back home next week.

Just finished the safari leg of the journey, soaking in the victoria falls for 3 days before i head down to cape town for another 3 days. the trip has been really great thus far, albeit a tad tiring from all the travelling. planes, land transfers. but it’s been good. and wonderful.

highly recommended for anyone who is keen on an adventure.

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