been trying to read up about south africa for the past hr and a half and it seems like greek to me. totally cannot relate to the places and the names and what nots.

this is by far the hardest research i have done for any trip. i reckon it’s the fact that i cannot remember the names of the places.. so i keep reading back and forth to refer.

have anyone gone to south africa that can provide some tips for reference?

from the list, what would be worth covering? johnnesburg, south africa safari, victoria falls, chobe (botswana) & cape town.

on a side note, i cannot seemed to log into msn today. is it a common problem across or is it just me?!


i think the msn is just me, cos while posting this post.. i found out my computer’s date is screwed and its dated in april. after i rectified the problem, my msn miraculously works.

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