for some unknown reason, im feeling very faint. and the warm water i drank is making it worse.

i seriously hope nothing is wrong. i clocked a decent amount of rest last night except when i roused in the middle of the night to strong winds, heavy rain, a open window and a empty house with (almost) all lights on. i shut the window and walked around the house looking for everybody.

no one is home. Sounds eerie? nah. headed for the kitchen window and checked. couldnt see anyone in sight. my uncle’s mini van is gone. it’s 5am in the morning. i think they have left for the airport already, but where has my brother and mum went to?

just when i couldnt stop thinking abt the mystery, my brother and my mum emerged at the doorstep.. oh. i missed my aunt and uncles by seconds. they just left, prob just before i peeped outta the window. didnt have a chance to say goodbye.

and i dragged my bolster from my mum’s room where i was sleeping for the night, back into my room and snuggled under my comfortable quilt. oh, how i miss my bed. havent slept in it for 3 days.

usually, im not too worried abt my health. but recently, i have become very paranoid about these things. i think reading abt sudden deaths and having friends leaving your life is taking a toll on me. it makes me wonder, what will happen to my friends when i die? what would their reaction be? will they have anything to say to me? how would their lives be, after i leave?

my strings of thoughts are making me melancholic. urgh.

anyway, im am sick. the flu bug attacked me. 🙁

my nose’s dripping, my throat’s sore and im popping pills to ease it. nonetheless, im determined to fight it with a happy spirit! i guess the illness portion doesnt seemed too bad when one is happy.

so, im a proud to announce… i am a HAPPY girl today!

hee hee.

in other news, im gonna start embarking on japanese classes again! after 1.5 months of break. gonna need a lot of revision to catch up on what was being taught in the past. this time, im taking 2 classes per week! mon & thursday! kinda means that i wont be able to head out for dinner dates as often, but its ok.. cos it also means im gonna make more progress in jap!

i am so excited. cant wait for the class to start again. been feeling lethargic for not having any classes to attend.