I blogged about my mil sending me loads of bird’s nest my way much earlier. I haven’t even touched them yet till today because seriously, ever since I was a kid.. I never like the bird’s spit.

I know. I know. It’s sweet, tasteless, and damn good for complexion/skin whatever.. but I would never opt to take it and I used to run far far away when my mum forces me to drink as a kid. And when she succeeds in her deed.. The spit usually ends up in the toilet bowl moments later because I would vomit everything out. I think it’s psychological because I used to see my mum prepare the bird nest (and even help her with it), picking out the bird’s feathers (i remember the black bits!) and washing it clean.. So it was something that I never can quite accept. The other thing that has this effect on me is chicken’s essence so please.. Do not ever ever give that to me under ANY circumstances.

So.. I feel bad because I haven’t been taking the spit and my mil has been asking how it is. I wouldn’t have an answer because there isn’t a benchmark for me to compare in order to reply her but still leaving the bird’s best there and not drinking is a big waste. Besides, I didn’t really dare to take them because I’m still puking on random days.. Like yesterday morning after I brushed my teeth and today during lunch (but I managed to keep it down eventually).

So I told my mum that i think i would attempt to drink it and she says I should take the bird’s nest on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning..just like that! I went.. Huh?! Shouldn’t it at least be chilled so it’s nicer/easier to drink and she went.. No no. It’s fine. Besides, you are not allowed any cold drinks!

And yes, I stopped drinking cold water at home because my mum doesn’t let me and my husband is not allowed to give me cold drinks as well so the only time I drink cold stuff is when I’m out/working. Hee!

Nonetheless, this morning when I woke.. My mum said she has left a bottle a bird’s nest in the fridge(!!!!!) and reminded me to drink it before I leave for work! How sweet! She actually let me drink it cold when I told her that I think it’s damn gross to drink it as it is.. I was rushing for time so I grabbed the bottle on my way out..

Much loved!! Sure made my day and my morning a pleasant one! hee!

Still I cringed when I finally down the spit.. And almost wanted to give up after half a bottle.. It’s just so not me!

Many more bottles to go. Wish me luck!

It’s silly, I know. The bird’s spit is such heavenly goodness right?! I should know better, but err.. Give me plain water anytime!

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