The deadline for the office christmas decor to be up is today.. So almost everyone stayed back yesterday to play a part in the decor.. The desks are all sprouting cute litte mushrooms and toadstools. I can’t seemed to take a good enough picture to do any justice to the cute litte shrooms, but it looks a little like super mario land. I found some fairies pictures, one elf and one gnome santa and did some children coloring to complete the picture.. And duplicated more christmas trees..

It’s fun putting up the decor because everyone was making jokes outta everything, but i was said to have an obsession with trees because i couldn’t stop.
And then we all contributed our toys to that little corner for the finishing touch, huddling around the mushrooms.. And oh! I almost forgot the little corner where we had a “feng shui” like waterfall.. The other girls made ladybugs, frogs and tortise to be placed there, together with more mushrooms. I left my resident turtle who has been at my desk for the longest time on the rock at the tip of the waterfall.. And planted some paper grass around it..

Will take some decent pictures and show when i have the time. Something that i have been lacking since i came back from bkk. I can’t believe that i had been working OT for the entire week..

And boy. I feel so drained. I wished i could crawl into my bed at this moment and sleep like i didn’t have any work commitment. For now, day dreaming about it is the nearest i’ll get. =(

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