after a rough week and some nerve-wrecking moments, and a lot of tears and angst.. i decided to start this week positive.

i have to learn and remind myself on asking ‘what’ questions when a bad situation hits me, i.e what can i learn from this?

I need to uplift myself for the next few weeks to tackle the biggest things in (my) life that’s happening. many thanks to the many concerned friends, encouragement and all. really am appreciative of everything and am very thankful about the angels that popped into my life. I really should blog about them soon.

today was good in my books, i’m feeling chirpier, had a good lunch (best thing for today, for now) and am targetting to leave before 7.30pm to run some errands – more bow tie shopping and i need to buy a nice little box.

and guess what? these days, i see the boy in a different light..

Spot the similarities to one of the doraemon character – suneo.


sorry. am so entertaining myself, if you can tell. have a great week everyone!

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