i am so tired and shoulders are aching.

realised that i have a tendency to tense up my shoulders when i am concentrating on work. after 4 hours at the pc editing my color pictures into sepia ones, and putting them into neat collages.. i am now left with terribly aching shoulders and a tired mind.

i dont know what to feel now. am on a terrible emotional roller coaster ride. it feels much much worse that the incredible hulk roller coaster in florida’s universal studios. i really need some warmth, some comforting, and sunshine and some really good laughter.

where can i find them?

got this really huge impulse to apply for leave and fly to the states to hibernate a while. but reality sucks cos my colleague is gonna be 2.5week leave and i gotta cover all work while she’s gone.


time for bed. good nite folks. i need some patting to sleep.

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