need to give my shoulders and neck a good rub!

am frantically trying to clear some work so that i don’t have so much to deal with when i am back in the office on wednesday. will be off for another round of photo shoot, and after which, the terrible cycle of artwork will pour in.

was just reading some blogs today and i read about someone writing that everyone has a little secret that even their best friends wouldn’t know or something.. it then struck me of something that happened a couple of weeks back.

sometimes, the curiosity of wanting to know something may not result in the best situation. at times, we would really want to know about everything about a particular person.. but when you eventually find out.. what if the answer is disappointing? what if it’s beyond your imagination and that you are appalled? in those kind of situations, wouldn’t you slap yourself and ask why had you wanted to know in the first place?

wei used to tell me something that i took a very long time to learn. if things were meant to be known, the information will be made known to you willingly. else, why bother bugging when it’s not meant for your ears?

anyway, the point is not about going bugging.. i just thought, there are just some things that are meant to be kept secret.

just a random rant before i continue my work. 🙂