i am still in the office at this grand hour. just cleared a whole lot of emails and work since the day in the office was spent pretty much on packing. we packed cartons but there are still quite a fair bit to go, so it’s continuation tomorrow.

yesterday, by a random occasion, i found out that my colleague was my friend’s wife. OMG!

it started when i was putting some premiums into this box for other department colleagues that’s located at her desk and i was telling everyone that it’s like the magic box – for things that are good and new, but yet you need to clear (read: old premiums).

she was laughing at my term “magic box” when she asked if i knew “xiaoqiang”. and no, it’s not the roach we are talking about. and i went ya ya! and from there, its just spiralled. xiaoqiang was my poly mate and her husband was also my poly mate. gawd.

and she asked if i was k.f.c previously. wah! although i’m not, but im shocked she knew my background and she even mentioned this ‘scb’ nickname of mine. (no, i’m not telling the nickname!)

i am utterly embarrassed. i didn’t think 10 years after i graduated, someone would call me that! and ya, she heard stories about me..

and to think i was just browsing her husband friendster a couple of months ago and exclaiming to myself.. “wah, douglas’ married and his wife is quite pretty!!”

duhz. his wife has been sitting 3 rows down from me for the last 8 months (i pass her almost every other day to get to the color printer). what a small small world.

errrrrmmm… it is so scary?!

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