SCREAMS!!! argh!! i typed the entire entry and had it deleted cos internet explorer hanged on me when i was trying to load a picture into flickr! ARRRGgggggggggggggggHHHhhhhhhhhhhh!! i rewrote this post, remembering only 70% of what i wrote earlier. sigh. ok, back to story..

eeks. ugly fingers! agree? no?! anyway, that’s not the point.

and oh no, NO. im not giving you the middle finger(s) either.

last week, i blogged about slamming my finger when i was opening the door.

almost 10 days after, my finger is still swelling. cannot tell? my left hand. it looks a little distorted if you asked me. although its not that bad now, there are some things that i still cant do. like turning the door knob. like uncapping my nike tumbler. like carrying heavy things. i feel as though my hand has been zapped off strength and its funny how 1 finger can affect the whole hand that much. thankfully i still can type.

and i still cannot bend it without feeling pain. and when i slather on my hand moisturiser, it feels like im rubbing against a very bruised hand. definitely feels like it’s blueblack all over, but the weird thing is the skin looks pretty normal, less the swell.

im gonna head for the sinseh if it doesnt recover in a coupla days. *ouch*