The other day, i had a strange dream.

S appeared in my dream. S is this girl that was my primary school classmate, stayed in e block opposite me, went to the same secondary school with me, and was in e same eca for 4 years. We were good friends throughout and somehow, during my last year.. A first aid competition that we were in kinda created some conflict. I don’t know how e conflict arose, cos we were team mates, but some time during our training, her role was replaced by e reserve team member and she became e reserve instead.

So, things went downhill and when i graduated and she continued her studies (we were in different streams), we sorta lost contact and subsequently, she moved away.

During e years in sec school, she had a huge crush in wei. So much so that she would dedicate songs to him, write him love declarations in e art room (yes, all of us are art students from different class) and call/page/text him frequently. They never got together cos wei wasn’t interested.

All these while, i too had a crush on wei having to know him slightly earlier than her, though i wasn’t that aggressive.

Ok. So back to the dream. It was S asking me about wei and giving me a smirk on her face when i told her about the breakup.

I feel so disturbed when i woke. I wonder if my subconscious is trying to tell me anything.

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