Started the day really early and head off for a swim. With me deciding on attempting natural birth and not taking any epidurals if possible, the gynae has advised that I start swimming to build up my muscles, strength and perhaps, stamina?

So swim plans are on every weekend now. It’s nice to be able to swim in a pool all by myself too, thanks to Jen.. I popped by her old place (her mum’s place now) for a swim!

Check out the empty pool with only me in it, swimming. I like it for the fact that it’s a 50m pool so it’s great that I could do laps as compared to the small pools some condos have. It was also shaded by a row of trees so I wasn’t too worried about sun exposure or getting sun burnt or dark spots.

Happy me!

The lazy boy lounging on the deck chair.. He swam like 4 laps and decided to call it quits,

As you can see.. I have become quite a whale here!! And that’s me after doing 20 laps, which translates to 1km in distance. Still a happy girl..

Had lunch at nearby hawker, bought fruits and groceries from the wet market, picked up hand-me-down mittens and socks from Ashley (thank you!) and popped to kiddy palace for more baby stuff shopping. Collected our play tickets and I bought another pair of tickets to the theatre play 881. Hopefully I could still watch it before I bomb..

Got home to unpack all the baby stuff, settle down a little before popping out to get my manicure and pedicure done. The boy went for a hair cut, so I decided to go pamper my nails! I won’t be able to cut my toenails for the next few weeks so I guess it’ll be a fortnightly indulgence from now on.


Spent the night preparing steamboat dinner for the family and I had a happy meal! I crashed into bed at 10+.. Am so so tired these days.

As of yesterday, I have hit week 32 and it’s 6-8 weeks countdown to d-day. Am a little freaked out over the weekend because I keep feeling this sharp, needle like pain that’s gone in a flash. I wonder if that’s Braxton hicks. I am also feeling the stretccccccchh at my lower abdomen and it’s a tad painful. Heard from ivy that she is delivering tomorrow (one month before her due date) and I wonder when Jerry decides to pop.

Reality just hits and der was still telling me this morning that he thinks he is not prepared for Jerry’s arrival. Neither am I, but i’m sure we’ll cope somehow. We’ll just adapt along the way..

Looking forward to another weekend of swimming, albeit it being tiring.

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