we packed jerry off to a swim on sunday morning. its been a long while since we brought him to the pool.. thankfully, he can still fit in his bumblebee suit!

looking really cute and no idea where he is going..

mega excited once he sees the pool and kept running towards it even before we got ready. *splash*

his neck float doesnt quite work anymore.. while it still fits, it wasnt able to hold his weight and he kept drinking water. we need to get him a new float soon!

he also refused to sit in the other float and just wants to waddle/jump around the pool!

me trying to teach him how to swim and kick.. but he obviously not interested.

trying to escape from mama.

with my sil.

the happy bumble bee.

father and son. this photos makes my heart a little fuzzy..

having fun on the slides!

my sil catches him before he gets dunked into the water. beyond this image, my photos had a washed out effect because water splashed onto my phone and i probably left a layer of sunblock on the lens while wiping away the water droplets.

going on it again..

and again…

and again… non stop.

a rare family shot.

well, he had sooooo much fun, he howled when we took off his swim suit and didnt want it to end.. it sure sounded like we were abusing him at the pool.


i also managed to clock in some laps at the pool while the sil/husb looked after jerry. and i got reminded about how peaceful it was to just swim and enjoying the peace under water, just listening to the bubbling sounds and the splashes. i love how it also lets me think without other distraction.


as i swam, i thought about how blessed i am and am super glad that i have loads of people who love my kids a lot. i may not have the best of everything, it may not be easy, but i have a small family to call my own and the husband to share my joys (and unhappiness) with. so much to be thankful for.