Took this picture while i was cruising on tpe on the way to airport yesterday morning.

I started sunday at 6.30am, a timing that i usually would still be sleeping soundly even on weekdays. Had to fetch der from the airport.. But after standing around at T2 for the longest time and staring at unfamilar flights landing from unknown cities like mumbai and lahore.. I wondered if i got the time wrong or the terminal wrong.

Checked der’s msg several times and i’m right, but he didn’t give me the flight number.. And so i stared at the list of sia flights coming in and got restless. Tried to call der but his phone is still off. Sent a msg but i didn’t really get a reply till much later.

So he landed on T3. Argh. I am quite frustrated about this aspect even since T3 started. Somehow a lot of the flights that is supposed to land at T2 ended up in T3 instead. This isn’t the first time that happened and it’s quite a chore having to shift the car over and finding a good lot all over again.

The best part had to be that the screen at T2 didn’t even inform me that the scheduled flight is gonna land in T3 instead. Is this the world class standard that we are talking about?

Anyway.. The sunday started on a grumpy note, but i must say… Looking at the sun barely peeking over the horizon is a beautiful sight.

Ok. It’s time to start the manic monday!

*am currently being squashed in the train*

[mobile post on train @ toa payoh]