if you have realised it by now.. my trip is basically relaxing, and nothing touristy. mainly of gorging great food, shopping and vegging at home. yes. vegging. you heard me right.

i know its a little far-fetched to fly such distance to veg.. but i love the weather here, i needed to take my test and my phone won’t ring!

i guess its just a matter of perception ‘cos when my aunt’s friend heard that i was here.. her comments were,”it’s so cold! why would anyone want to visit?! she should come in the summer!”

well.. i never came to seattle in summer. always in winter, though there was once i came in fall. since i covered most of the stuff i could do in winter as a tourist last year.. i didn’t feel like visiting anywhere in particular this year, except, prob. snoqualmie falls. the place where i tore a ligament last year. hee hee.

and so, without the duck tour to spice things up a little.. we trotted over to this newly open park in downtown seattle. the olympic sculpture park. its huge and my gosh! there were POOLS of people on a sunday afternoon!

the sun was great and i took a lot of photos of it and also shadow play. simple and fun.. my idea of fun. ;P

for the record, i am still feeling sickie and breaking out in cold sweat. not a great thing to be doing cos it’s cold and u can feel the sweat literally drying off and leaving a cooling sensation. :/

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