My homework. It’s undone.

I know my priorities are screwed. I would rather blog than do the homework. To be frank, i’m not motivated to do it, and i am missing my proper blogging a lot. So i have decided to blog the entire day yesterday. It made me a little more sane.

Rodney drove down to yishun to have supper dinner with me. Actually he wanted to tabao but i could do with some company. Just a quick one so that i can head home and do my work.

Rodney, if you are reading this… Guess what? I got home, did a little bit of research and decided that i can’t take it anymore and flopped in bed. I’m just too tired.

=p the plan of waking up earlier and doing it in the morning.. Of cos it didn’t materialize. It’s 9am, and i’m still stuck in a jam at pie’s upper serangoon exit.

[mobile post on bus @ pie us exit]