it’s a day swarmed with loads of work and happenings. so much so that i didn’t have the time to drink much water and pee (just realised that i have been holding my pee for the loooOooongest time already).

some times, when you feel like you are so damn sure of something.. you suddenly realised that maybe it ain’t so.

Johnny had a short talk with me yesterday at my desk while he came to show some proofs. “look at yourself from the other party..”he said.

it throws me into a different perspective altogether.

do i know what i want? do i get what i want? or be graceful and GIVE what others want?

my oh my. the world is so freaking complex. so is the human mind.

people sometimes, are just trying to be graceful. when 2 person are trying to be graceful to each other, that makes 2 stupid person.

should i be stupid person, when i know i’ll be stupid or just be content with the happy girl that i should be?

i guess time will tell. for now, i should just focus on my work. let the future worry for itself.

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