taipei 101. we were so so glad when we finally reached! our exhilaration when we finally made it!

i think i’m a shopaholic. because, instead of checking the night scenery out, i was checking out nine west, gucci, LV and tiffany and co. and the rest of the branded stores first. ha! got sale eh! but, i am so proud that i walked out with nothing. ok, except 9west. i bought 2 pairs of heels. ha.

that’s me trying on a whole lot of shoes in nine west and der with the wah-lau-i’m-on-leave-and-on-holiday-and-yet-i-am-in-a-shoe-store-checking-out-shoes look.

happy girl with nine west bag, our tickets to the top

riding the super fast lift…

the view on top…

the very interesting thing that i realized when i was at the top level was that there were loads of fireflies! i wonder how they survive at such height, against the strong winds and absolutely no kind of food source or whatever. it’s probably the first time in my life that i saw so many fireflies together.

think the best thing that i liked about 101 is the staircase! the walls are so pretty! then it’s the damper babies! don’t you think it’s an ingenious idea to incorporate “101” onto their faces? ok, maybe it’s just me. 🙂

dinner was steamboat buffet just beneath our hotel at 1am at night..

that ended the very exhausting day 2. the funny thing was, as much as i am so not a tv person, we watched really old chinese movies that was playing on the tv for the nights that we were there and ended up sleeping really late.

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