everyday, the most dreaded thing is to pull ourselves outta the bed. the greedy us packed too many places to go and things to do and thus, cutting down on the sleep.

day 3 is one of the most adventurous day also. breakfast consisted of 香香鸡, a chicken snack that jen has bugged me to try ever since she knew that i was heading to taiwan. personally, it wasn’t too fantastic for me, with too many little bones in the pieces i ate.. and i was a little sick of the 五香粉 that was literally sprinkled on EVERYTHING that u eat in taiwan. the first stop for the day was chiang kai-shek memorial hall, which is otherwise known as 自由广场.

the day was scorching hot. it was kinda unbearable that i almost got a headache. but, it is also because the sun was good that the pictures turns out really nice. I guess there are always good and bad side of a situation huh?

the memorial hall itself provided the much sought after shade.. and it was quite interesting to see the personal belongings of chiang kai-shek. I am most bowled over by those bullet proof sedan!

with so much jumping around, running around and covering much grounds, i was famished and highly dehydrated.. so while heading to the train station to move on, i raided the sushi shop in the station and plonked myself down at a corner of the train station for a quick hunger fix.

for the record, the hello kitty sushi is kinda tasteless. I bought it solely for picture taking sake because i was stopped when i was trying to take a picture in the sushi shop. i think cat and kristy will be thrilled looking at it. 🙂

we moved on to Martyrs Shrine (忠烈祠), which involves a little exploring because it was not near any train station and we had to take the public bus to get there. the first bus driver wasn’t helpful at all and we missed our stop and had to catch another bus back! the rest of the bus drivers were pretty friendly and helpful with where we wanted to go.

here’s a picture of shilin in the day time.

okie. shall stop for now.. heading out to my stores to do some detective work. urgh. i dread working on weekends. 🙁

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