Sorry for the interruped departure of the previous post on the taiwan trip. had to run because we were already very very late.

talking about Martyrs Shrine (忠烈祠), there wasn’t really much to see but we were kinda lucky that we arrived at the time where the guards where changing their shifts, so there was an elaborate ceremony with the guards spinning and throwing their rifles.

i didnt manage to take any pictures of the pretty rifles throwing because there were too many people crowding about the perimeter where the crowd control guy was standing, and the other time they performed near the indoor place, we werent even allowed to enter. the drill really impressed me. every step is a solid move and it was sad to know that the singapore drill that i saw before pales in comparision. anyhow, the crowds disappeared as quickly as the guards changed shifts and suddenly, der and me were left alone in the huge place.

you see those lines on the ground? it was achieved by the horseshoes on their boots from all those marching everyday. from there, we took a public bus to miramar entertainment park, where it is a huge shopping mall with the taiwan’s first 100m ferris wheel. i also found a packaged papaya milk that is extremely yummy at the local convenience store. the most horrible thing i ate in taiwan is that bowl of la-mian. it was thick, uneven, not fully cooked and tasteless. yucks. makes me think our crystal jade standard is very high!

and because it is a shopping mall… i had to buy myself something. an agnes b tote bag. 🙂 because i am not a smoker, i also forced der to buy the cigarettes with a heart shape, all for photo-taking sake!

when night fall, we went on the ferris wheel! the view is fantastic. we can see taipei 101 where where we were..

headed back to shilin station on the shuttle bus and boy, we were exhausted. both der and me feel asleep on the shuttle bus back, which was so packed. back at shilin, we went around the night marketing looking for dinner, and popped into city jungle and saw many cute animals!! i so want to bring the mini pig back home!!

that, is day 3. a very fatigued one.

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