an impromptu dinner cum drinking sesh with bran. it’s relaxing and fun! tho, a little tense when chey said the wrong magical words.

chey, what a thing to say to 2 heartbroken people man!

anyway, we each poured our work woes to each other and then talked about our friends and life in general. i like hanging out with bran. even tho we havent knew each other for a long time, but our common fren made it so much easier for us to relate. and he understands when i talk abt work cos he was once where i am now.

one other thing that makes me feel really at ease with him is that, all he wants is just someone to drink with and chill. i don’t have to worry myself silly with the unnecessary “what ifs”.


silly chey

while i was out, a sms exchange made me smile. it made my heart glow a little and it sure did some confidence boosting. tee hee.

someone also said that i make good wife quality. Hmmm.. i don’t know if i should be happy or sad hearing that.

ok. happy things! i am ON LEAVE for the next 2 days!! Wheee!! and some crazy things, i think i will be popping outta town to some oversea beach to spend a day with a friend. crazy right? well, isn’t that the way to enjoy life?!

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