a big thank you to all that remembered my birthday and really appreciated the fact that so many people wished me happy birthday (thru sms, msn, lj, facebook, emails etc..)!

ok. other than the fact that my phone started beeping non stop from 8am in the morning and WOKE ME UP!! and then, it continued beeping at 10-15mins intervals the entire day.. so much so that i had to silent it in the afternoon to grab a nap.

der was amused cos he commented that my phone is VERY BUSY.

seriously, im surprised that a lot of people remembered my birthday.. and a lot of people whom i hardly talk to actually wished me happy birthday. is that the works of friendster and facebook? ha.

so, everyone was hoping that i had a blast on my birthday, but it is FAR from it. all i did was stay at home, surfed the net, went grocery shopping for steamboat dinner at home in the evening and then send der to the airport to pack him off to milan. so sad right?!

but you know what? i kinda liked it in some ways.. since life of late has been hectic and i am extremely worn out.

and u know what i got on my birthday? a dry cabinet from der to put my d80 in! haha. so “romantic” lah! but i love it all the same.

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